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Seishin no Ken is a 2D Metroidvania still in development, made for the GBC Game Jam - FIAP.

Your mission as a "Yokai Hunter" is to slay the demons that are roaming around the land.

On this build, we have implemented a playable character with movement, a parallax background and a boss with an attack animation. For the next build, we want to add a point system, coins and more enemies with different abilities. Oh, and a main menu is on the way, don't you worry.

Use A / Left Arrow to move Left,  D Key / Right Arrow to move Right.

Made by:

Carlos Eduardo - Programmer & Sound Designer

Felipe Batan - 2D Artist

Yves Gabryel - 2D Artist


seishinnoken.zip 19 MB


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player attack animation doesn't stop when triggered.

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We thank you for your interest on our project. This is just a prototype, we wanted to test some visual and technical aspects. We don't know if we're going to continue it, but if we do make another build there'll be at least a fully implemented battle system and a score system.